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Solar System Shiny

Have any of my readers been watching the evening 'dance' of Venus and Mercury? Tonight is the 'closest approach' of these inner planets, so if you have good, clear skies and a low western horizon - starting looking around 30 minutes after sunset. Venus will appear first as an extremely bright 'star', and the dimmer Mercury will be to the right of it.

An Image taken by A fellow Stooge on April 1st.

This was also the night of the Great Redneck Inferno - which would get so bad that I seriously considered calling the fire department.

Also taken that night (after the fires went out) was this stunning image of Saturn:

Finally, a small and very cloudy image of mars taken on Sunday night.

Mars is rapidly pulling away and getting smaller each night. But some interesting details are still visible - such as the bright white clouds over the peaks of the giant Martian volcanoes and the shrinking North Polar Ice Cap.

Next week I'll be headed off to the Mid-South Star Gaze for observing and imaging under good, dark skies. The new astrograph is almost ready to go, just a few more guiding and test runs to do.
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