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New mounts for old..

On the last day of the Peach State Star party I channeled my inner "horse trader". I traded away two smaller scopes + a mount for a larger mount (and much more expensive) + C11 optical tube. On a purely $$$ side, I did quite well - but the real benefit will be a computerized mount with a much larger capacity. The new CGEM mount is near maximum limit, which may be the main source of my tracking problems. The CGEM can carry 40 lbs, the CGE - more than 70.

OK - here is the "new" CGE mount (left) and my CGEM mount (right):

The C11 tube is visible behind the CGEM - as a dark blue tube with an orange attachment rail. It could prove to be an excellent planetary imaging scope when upgraded with a better focuser.

And now, the SHINY!

These incredible images where taken by fellow astro-imager Paul Tankersley at the Peach State Star Gaze. He uses only a 106mm refractor (4-inch) on a beautiful, high end mount to achieve near image perfection.

M78 - in Orion..

vdB 152 - a smoke-like wisp of nebulosity..

I really LOVE this image. Those delicate brown shadings are *really* hard to capture, and this image is superb. With a 4-inch scope he manages to out-do imagers equipped with scopes 3 or even 5 times that size in the desert SW. Amazing..
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