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The BIG Solstice Show!

Total Lunar Eclipse - TONIGHT

After nearly 3 years absence, North America will have a NICE lunar Eclipse with the earliest traces beginning at 12:55 AM. The first signs of the 'dark shadow' or umbra starts at1:33 AM, while totality begins at ~ 2:41 AM and lasts until 3:53 AM. This is nice, slow and majestic event - and one that can be enjoyed with only one's eyes - or binoculars.

Penumbra first seen?12:55 am11:55 pm10:55 pm9:55 pm
Partial eclipse begins1:33 am12:33 am11:33 pm10:33 pm
Total eclipse begins2:41 am1:41 am12:41 am11:41 pm
Mid-eclipse3:17 am2:17 am1:17 am12:17 am
Total eclipse ends3:53 am2:53 am1:53 am12:53 am
Partial eclipse ends5:01 am4:01 am3:01 am2:01 am
Penumbra last seen?5:35 am4:35 am3:35 am2:35 am

More details on the lunar eclipse, where it is visible and neat factoids can be found here - *clicky*. Will I be ready - well, what do you think?

Of course, I'm planning on 'hitting' this event with some heavy imaging gear. Here are 2 out of three imaging rigs that I will be using:

Note the Shadow Kitty as 'scale'. (She was NOT amused!).

The Only question will be the weather. Its a mixed bag for my part of the sky - partly cloudy, with increasing clouds later in the evening. However, "Clear Sky Clock" is more optimistic (often more accurate) than the weather gurus. To use the "Clock" - the "clicky" and find your state and/or enter the appropriate data.

Hopefully, the Sky Gods will provide enough breaks in the weather for the good old doctor to post pretty eclipse SHINY later this week.

So, are any of my readers planning on observing/imaging this event?
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