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Island Universes..

OK, so who won last week's caption this picture contest? Well there were several good answers, so I broke it done into "G" and "PG13" categories. silme won the 'g' rated caption, while rick_day won the most strange/perverse caption. But even if you didn't 'win' - *everyone* benefits by a NEW shiny post.

This time with feeling..


OK, today its fun with 'galaxies' , which were once called "Island Universes" by Edwin Hubble of space telescope fame. I have a number of galaxy groups and clusters that were imaged either at the MidSouth Star Party or my own backyard the past couple months.

Let's start with NGC 5350 Group - imaged from Mars House.

In the lower right corner, there is a tight galaxy group called Hickson 68, located around 150 million light years (LY) away. It features a tight barred spiral, a couple interacting galaxies (see the dust/gas plumes?) and several smaller objects (barely resolved in this reduced scale image). In the upper left is a closer, face-on galaxy - NGC 5371.

NGC 4725 - the 'spinning tire' galaxy

The BIG galaxy in the center is NGC 4725, a beautiful barred spiral. Note the faint plumes, giving the illusion of a spinning tire throwing off 'mud' in deep space. Two other smaller galaxies are also in the same image.

NGC 5364 Group

NGC 5364 is the delicate spiral in the lower left, while a number of other galaxies can be found in various orientations across the image.

The "Smiley Face"

This is the core of the huge Virgo Cluster - of which our Milky Way is a member of. Over +3000 galaxies are part of this 'supercluster', and the core lies around 60 million LY from our solar system. The 'eyes' of the 'smiley face' are the giant galaxies M84 and M86, with edge-on spirals NGC 4388 and NGC 4402 comprise the 'mouth' and eyebrow (only one).

A map, pictures and other info can be found by hitting the "clicky".

The BEST for last..

NGC 5985 Group - imaged by Hap Griffin

This beautfiul image was done by a high-end CCD and a larger telescope (12-inch vs. 8-inch). Hopefully, images like this will become a reality soon as I hope to upgrade (again) my imaging equipment.

Yes, this IS an *expensive* hobby!
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