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Of Conjunctions and Planets

Its been a busy week of planetary and solar system imaging/viewing. Earlier this week, the Crescent Moon made a close pass of first the planet Jupiter ('a bright star') low in the western sky. The following day (March 26), the Moon was in conjunction with Venus (the brightest 'star'). Hopefully, some of you had a chance to observe this spectacular series of conjunctions.

On Monday night, I imaged the crescent Moon, Venus, Mars and Saturn. It was a beautiful, warm spring evening and I hope you'll enjoy the images!

First, the ringed giant Saturn:

This was the last object I imaged, but the seeing was quite good.

Crescent Moon (left) and Venus (lower right)

Canon 350, 300mm telephoto @ f/5.6.

Finally, a beautiful mosaic of all the objects imaged Monday night:


Imaged with my 12-inch LX200 and an assortment of planetary cameras and settings.
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