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astro_imaging's Journal

The art and science of imaging the cosmos.
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Welcome to the astro_imaging group!

This is a forum dedicated to capturing the beauty of the heavens through various types of imaging and artistic media. All that is required from its members is an appreciation of our universe and the willingness to learn something new.

All members of this community will be able to contribute images and artwork that are broadly astronomical in nature. Comments are welcome from members and non-members alike, and can range from novice level to those that are highly technical in nature.

Images will not come from NASA and large professional observatories - but will represent the work of amateurs, students, artists and the membership of this group.

A Sample of Topics to be Covered:

Types of Imaging:

- photographic film (color, b/w, IR -etc)
- digital cameras
- CCD imaging
- Webcams and Video
- sketching, drawing (from the telescope)
- astronomical art - all media types

Methods and equipment:

- wide field imaging (all types)
- prime focus, afocal, projection methods
- image processing methods
- types of equipment (cameras, CCD's, telescopes, lenses -etc)
- software use


- space art (oil, acrylics, pencil, ink, metal, ceramic -etc)
- computer art (cosmos, planets, weird landscapes, -etc)

Image Posting

Images of deepsky, solar system, atmospheric phenomenum, observatories, astronomers (the reader included), telescopes, equipment and space art (of all kinds) are most welcome. All that is asked is: 1) give credit when due (to another source -etc), and 2) try to keep the size down to 800 x 640 or so, and less than 250k. If its larger than this - use the lj cut.