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Crazy Jupiter Stuff

Yesterday, NASA made a report that last year's Jupiter impact was the result of an asteroid strike. Only a few hours later - Anthony "The Bird" Wesley (Australia) and Christopher Go (Philippines) recorded a massive fireball striking the giant planet.. The impact lasted only a couple seconds, but it was recorded by planetary CCD cameras. More details and a link to the fireball movie can be found here.

Absolutely incredible - not only for the weird news synchronicity but to have two amateurs record a short and very rare transient event is amazing.

And 'hot' off the presses - the latest image of the fireball:

Jupiter and the Fireball:

So far, I've seen a couple low-resolution images of the planet taken from Western Europe. Neither have shown an 'impact scar', but that doesn't mean there isn't any. I hope to get a chance to image that hemisphere this weekend - if the damned weather EVER cooperates!
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