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Space, the final frontier..

Since it is a Wednesday, its time for the weekly SHINY post. I have lots of wildlife and mineral images, but with the final voyage of the space shuttle perhaps a 'space post' would be more fitting.

First off, my latest image of the giant planet Jupiter:

The Great Red Spot is prominent and the South Equatorial Belt (SEB) is now back with a vengeance. For a comparison, here's what the planet looked like last year at this time:

Here's a probably my last image of Saturn for the current apparition:

And as night falls on the elongated lunar crater Schiller..

With the end of the space shuttle program - I wonder if we'll even be back to the Moon by 2030. Had we kept up with the Grand Dream of the 1960's - we should have colonized the Moon and been to Mars if not Jupiter by now. But it was only a dream..

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Thanks for the SHINY, hon. I'm about heartbroken at the end of the space program. I just don't have the words....